Outsourcing Thought Leaders: Managing Business without Borders

Not long ago, some observers were getting ready to write off global outsourcing. A series of well-publicized corporate offshoring failures, public outcry over job losses in North America and Europe, and the souring experiences of first-generation contracts had led some analysts to predict trouble for the future of the global business service industry. Those predictions have proven wrong.

Instead, the industry is becoming ever more sophisticated and, for many customers, indispensable. In Outsourcing Thought Leaders: Managing Business without Borders, executives of some of the field’s most successful companies speak candidly about this fast-moving marketplace. These compelling interviews — half of the subjects lead prominent outsourcing service providers, half are veterans who have created and driven successful corporate outsourcing programs — reveal a clear view of the changes that lie ahead for the global services industry, as well as of the most effective approach for dealing with these changes.

Learn from the executives of these distinguished firms.


  • Augmentum, the software developer with operations in Shanghai
  • Cognizant, the firm launched in 1994 as an arm of Dun & Bradstreet, which has since gone public and which has operations around the globe
  • IBM, the world’s largest IT company
  • Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), India’s largest IT and business process outsourcing firm
  • 24/7 Customer, a business process services firm founded in Bangalore in 2000 and now headquartered in California.


  • Duke Energy, which has undergone two big mergers with dramatic implications for each company’s existing outsourcing arrangements
  • General Motors, which directs one of the largest IT outsourcing programs in the world
  • Innovene, the chemicals company formerly owned by BP
  • Procter & Gamble, which procures $4.1 billion in outsourced services
  • TXU, Texas’s largest electric company.

Any executive considering outsourcing for his or her company will find the experience and insight of these virtuoso leaders invaluable.