China: How to Aim True in the World’s Fastest Growing Economy

China is quickly becoming a top agenda item for many CEOs and the ability to understand the deeper patterns driving this new force will determine future results for many companies. Only 10 years ago, China was seen (by the West) primarily as an enormous potential market, ripe for the picking. Five years ago, it had already become the world’s fastest growing producer of goods, and the fierce competitiveness of its enterprises has only intensified since then.

Today, China is a comprehensive source not just of low-cost goods, but of finance capital, farsighted innovation, and its own diverse brands. Even in the near future, the capabilities of this booming, immense, and diverse nation defy easy prediction. In China: How to Aim True in the World’s Fastest Growing Economy, Strategy&’s experts draw upon their intensive observations and client service experience in Greater China to offer insightful advice for this rapidly changing market and case examples cutting across many different industries.