Moments of Choice: Driving Profitable Growth with Shelf-Centered Collaboration

Consumers today face a daunting array of choices at the retail shelf, and for manufacturers and retailers, the challenges of the value chain have never been greater. But the potential benefits of fine-tuning product assortment, promotions, and shelf quantities are also immense. What if manufacturers and retailers could both create demand and respond to different consumers’ needs, putting the right products where they will sell today and this week? With the widespread availability of point-of-sale data, data mining, and sophisticated real-time analytics, such imaginings are now possible.

A team of thought leaders from Strategy& have identified this emerging phenomenon as “shelf-centered collaboration.” In Moments of Choice: Driving Profitable Growth with Shelf-Centered Collaboration, they reveal how manufacturers and retailers can partner at the shelf for the benefit of both — and for the people they serve. As they enhance the agility and integration of their supply chains to respond more rapidly to shelf opportunities and manage the complexity of differentiating at this level, they can shift their focus from the “mean” to the “meaningful”; from aggregated sales figures to a granular understanding of their consumers.

Covering topics such as trade promotion effectiveness, coordination of the supply chain, and effective use of shelf space, this book represents a rare source of competitive advantage in today’s dynamic marketplace. By collaborating on demand creation and response, retailers and manufacturers can enable large-scale differentiation at the store level to give consumers what they want, where and when they want it, and at the right price.