Make or Break: How Manufacturers Can Leap from Decline to Revitalization

Throughout the U.S. and Europe, the manufacturing industry is back in the forefront as companies realize manufacturing's importance in achieving competitive advantage. A new book, Make or Break: How Manufacturers Can Leap from Decline to Revitalization unlocks the critical secrets to the phenomenal success many of these firms now enjoy.

In Make or Break, Kaj Grichnik and Conrad Winkler  have written an engaging, up-to-the-minute investigation into how manufacturers can thrive in the digital age, and how businesses can revolutionize their manufacturing practices right now — as well as over the long term — to boost growth, modernize plant operations, and reinvigorate fragmented supply chains.

In this dynamic economy with its ever-changing set of concerns, Make or Break examines the limitations of popular approaches such as Lean and Six Sigma and reveals the factors that are making manufacturing expertise a strategic advantage. With profiles of successful companies like Procter & Gamble, Lego, and Toyota, and overviews of the best manufacturing innovations in business sectors including pharmaceuticals,automobiles, and consumer products, Make or Break introduces the forces that are reshaping the industry.

Readers will find fresh insights into how companies are meeting such complex challenges as modernization, expansion of variety, environmental issues, price increases for raw materials, and management of complex manufacturing networks. Make or Break explains a range of methods that have worked for many firms to take back control of production, target sources for scarce materials, and cultivate a motivated, skilled labor force.

Make or Break is required reading for manufacturing and business leaders, as well as anyone who wants to understand why making products is once again becoming one of the most crucial skill sets in today’s economy.