“Cloud Computing Is Here and Expanding”
In a Financial Times Online article posted August 12, 2011, Booz & Company Senior Partner Eduardo Alvarez and Partner Mike Cooke (North America) wrote that far more important than the definitions and technical details of Cloud Computing is that executives understand the implications of this global phenomenon. Peering into the future, Alvarez and Cooke wrote that cloud computing will enable companies to deploy new capabilities in radically new ways and drastically change both the corporate IT organization and the IT industry at large. Moreover, IT outsourcers and systems integrators will undergo a massive change as the cloud expands. As the IT industry shifts toward the cloud, governments will begin to play an active role in growing their domestic cloud sectors in order to protect their economies. “The cloud is here to stay, and it is expanding,” the Booz & Company co-authors wrote. “Forget for a moment about how to define it. The real story is the changes it will create in the way we work and live. If you focus on those changes, the huge wealth creation opportunities in the cloud will become clear, and the action and investment decisions needed to capture them will naturally follow.”