“Female Talent in China: Challenges and Opportunities”
In the April 21, 2011 issue of Forbes.com, Booz & Company Senior Partner and the firm’s Chairman for Greater China Edward Tse said that China’s educated women have a tremendous amount to offer their employers but their full potential will not be realized unless employers recognize and take steps to relieve the forces that constrain their careers. “Most companies are still struggling with how to leverage people resources in China,” said Tse, who was among the featured speakers at the launch of the Center for Work-Life Policy (CWLP) Report, The Battle for Female Talent in China. The study finds that compared to their American and European counterparts, working mothers in China have more support for childcare. But if childcare does not pose a heavy burden on Chinese working mothers, eldercare does, the study finds. The vast majority of Chinese women have eldercare responsibilities, which directly affect how they approach their career paths. The Battle for Female Talent in China follows other CWLP publications about women in India and in emerging markets; all are co-sponsored by Booz & Company.