“Digital and Mobile Disrupt Traditional Shopping Path”
In the April 29, 2011 edition of AdAge.com, Booz & Company Partner Matt Anderson (North America) said that the online exchange of information and opinions between retailer, brand and shopper marks a new reality in a consumer’s path to purchase. “In the old world, we were talking about standard Newtonian physics (in which) there was a path to purchase.” That contrasts with the new world of e-commerce, mobile and social media (where), he said, “it’s a little more like quantum mechanics.” Today, “the path to purchase in shopping may suddenly evolve—it isn’t a traditional path,” Anderson added. “How do I find pockets that are flaring up, where suddenly people are shopping or in purchase mode and no indicators said they were there?” He addressed his comments to the Ad Age Insights’ second-quarter trend report, “Shopper Marketing: Search, Social, Mobile.”