“Creating Jobs for Global Markets”
In the March 1, 2011 issue of The Middle East Magazine, Booz & Company Chairman Joe Saddi (Middle East) said that in light of recent political turmoil throughout the Middle East, education systems in the region must focus on a curriculum in tune with the demands of international job markets. “A lot of spending has been on physical infrastructure,” said Saddi. “Now attention must turn to the quality of education.” That includes vocational training that needs to upgrade the skills of the unemployed, Saddi added. Recent tensions in the region have highlighted how, with booming young populations and rising socioeconomic challenges across the Arab world, governments need to revamp educational systems and improve on the necessary skills required to meet today’s increasingly competitive work environment, as well as encouraging private-sector-led growth. Meantime, added experts, private firms can better identify the required skills, while government hiring procedures should put a premium on skills and competition, rather than just paper qualifications.