“Manager Sehen vor Lauter Zielen die Richtung Nicht (Managers Are Not Able to See a Direction Due to High Number of Objectives) "
In the March 1, 2011 issue of Die Press, Booz & Company Partner Klaus Hoelbling (Germany, Switzerland, Austria) said strategy was particularly important in light of doubts that many managers expressed about their company’s direction. “Only resolute strategies generate growth, not single initiatives,” Hoelbling said, referring to Booz & Company’s Coherence Profiler Study, which that found that two out of three respondents admit that their company’s capabilities didn’t fully support their strategy and that only one in five weren’t fully confident they had a “right to win.” While Booz & Company’s global survey of more than 1,800 executives found that the vast majority of companies lack coherence, or a clear set of capabilities in line with their strategy, it also demonstrated that companies with more coherence—those with strategy, capabilities and product offering working in synch—perform better.