“Prospects for Private Health Insurance”
In the January 27, 2011 issue of The New York Times, a new study from Booz & Company suggested the worry that private health insurance in the U.S. would disappear is misplaced. According to the study, The Future of Health Insurance: Demise of Employer-Sponsored Coverage Greatly Exaggerated, times will be certainly be challenging for the U.S. insurance industry but employers are likely to remain a large buyer of coverage for their workers. “Booz & Company research suggests traditional employer-based insurance will remain a significant market that will erode more slowly and less steeply than commonly thought,” the report said. Booz & Company analyzed factors insurers should consider in adapting to the Affordable Care Act. The research found that in 2016, when most of the major Affordable Care Act provisions are supposed to be implemented, employer-sponsored group plans will still comprise more than 50 percent of the insured market, with 152 million members enrolled in group plans.