“Complex Markets Will Reward the Shrewd”
In the December 8, 2010 issue of The Financial Times, Booz & Company Partner Gabriel Chahine and Senior Associate Heberto Molina (both Middle East) wrote as the Middle East emerges from the recession in relatively solid financial shape, “consumer goods companies from all over the world are eyeing this potentially lucrative addition to their international portfolio.” But the region’s overall complexity in the disparities between consumers in each market, from demographics to spending power, means that companies seeking to do business there need “keen foresight to find the next area of opportunity,” the authors add. “The region’s growing pool of customers with increasingly deep pockets means consumer goods companies are likely to find it easy to achieve revenue growth,” Chahine and Molina wrote. “But to make and sustain profit they must target carefully selected consumer segments and tailor their product portfolios and marketing accordingly. It will take substantial effort, but the reward will be worth it.”