“Beaming to the Cloud All the Mess That Is Our Digital Life”
In the October 24, 2010 issue of The New York Times, Booz & Company Partner Matt Anderson (North America) said many people are wrestling with digital clutter and a preponderance of files scattered across devices, from smartphones to netbooks, e-readers, U.S.B. keys, MP3 players, and home computers. “We are overwhelmed with digital and virtual assets,” Anderson said. The challenge, industry analysts add, is being able to offer comprehensible and interoperable services for data originating from a plethora of electronic devices. Booz & Company research estimates that the U.S. market for content management services will expand 50 percent over the next four years and hit $4 billion by 2012. According to a 2009 Booz & Company survey, consumers are willing to pay $9 a month to have a single digital repository for their data and an extra $3 a month to be able to transfer content among devices.