“A Brain Trust For President Obama?”
In the September 9, 2010 edition of Washingtonpost.com, Booz & Company Senior Partner Jon Katzenbach (North America) was presented as a possible candidate for U.S. President Obama’s team of economic advisors. “Obama’s economic team has been beset by infighting, and a thought leader who can help Obama examine both the best ways to put together teams and when they’re actually needed is Jon Katzenbach,” wrote journalist Jen McGregor. “Katzenbach is arguably the smartest guy out there when it comes to building organizations and teams that work. Katzenbach would likely prompt Obama to think hard about when a team is really necessary, and when it would be better to just put someone in charge.” The article cited Katzenbach’s best-selling book, The Wisdom of Teams, and his work as a Booz & Company leader and an adviser to major corporations. Reorganization is not uncommon two years into a presidency when staffers are burned out and ready to return to their families.