“Roadmap To Mobile”
In the July 29, 2010 issue of ArabianBusiness.com, Booz & Company Principal Hilal Halaoui said the Middle East’s ideal television network would be a hybrid model of DVB-H in conjunction with satellite based SDMB technology. “There needs to be strong content distributed through tailored and rich channels,” he said. “Practically, subscribers to such a mobile TV service, would like to benefit from roaming capabilities, where they can view their favorite channels even when they are abroad.” Whereas mobile TV has taken contrasting paths in Europe and the U.S. in terms of technology and business models, a complex business model and an even more complex technical backdrop have made mobile TV a difficult format for telcos and broadcasters alike, while in the Middle East, there have been only a handful of roll-outs with limited success. “To secure their own position, (telecom) operators will need to leverage their key assets: their customer relationships, customer analytics, investment capabilities, and infrastructure,” added Booz & Company Principal Hadi Raad. “The mounting business generated by applications is more than just another growth opportunity. It is an imperative, a necessary component of the future of the business, in which operators must actively participate in order to thrive and not just become utility-like pipe operators.”