“A Fresh Approach To Implement Offshore Technology Innovation”
In a bylined piece in the April 2010 edition of Offshore Magazine, Booz & Company Partner Glenn Klimchuk, and Principals Pedro Caruso and Nate Clark (all North America) detailed how the offshore oil industry should “start with a new, next generation mode—‘a new normal’” to encourage collaboration among a new generation of engineers who have grown up on the Internet and are comfortable using all types of collaboration tools and interpersonal connections. That would bring technologists and R&D leaders together in the board room with accountants, engineers, and management to create create a business model in which knowledge sharing prevails ineffective, corporate-driven, top-down thinking is discouraged. “As an industry, perhaps our single biggest challenge is how to build a new multi-dimensional engagement model,” the Booz & Company co-authors wrote. “We need to form a broad, cohesive industry delegation that unifies operators, suppliers, academia, and government, and rallies around our common challenges.” The model, they add, “needs to include more integrated management processes and systems across our boundaries.”