“Teamplayer ersetzen die Charismatiker (Team Player to replace the Charismatic)”
In the May 28, 2010 issue of Wirtschaftsblatt kompakt, Booz & Company Partner Klaus Hölbling (Europe) said that the business world’s CEOs of tomorrow are “team players” and not so much the “charismatic” leaders favored by companies in the past. “A CEO must set the focus on those issues that only he can solve,” Hölbling said. “He must ensure that the right people are on the leadership team, and he must set the direction and move the company forward.” Hölbling was interviewed as part of a lengthy feature about Booz & Company’s 10th-annual study of CEO succession and governance, “CEO Succession 2000-2009: A Decade of Convergence and Compression.” The report analyzed some 3,719 succession events at the world’s largest companies during the last 10 years.