“Getting A Handle On Chronic Disease”
In the March 23, 2010 issue of Business Intelligence Middle East, Partner Ramez Shehadi (Middle East) said by folding health management services into their healthcare strategies, Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) entities will take a major step in dealing with the enormous effects of chronic disease in driving up healthcare costs. “To counter these trends, GCC governments, healthcare organizations, and private insurers can deploy health management services in their overall healthcare strategies,” said Shehadi. These services can mitigate the spread of chronic diseases by establishing wellness programs and other preventive strategies, and once a chronic disease has been diagnosed, can reduce the costs of treatment through ongoing monitoring and frequent patient interaction. Those conclusions were part of a Booz & Company study showing that well-crafted health management services programs can help GCC nations stem the rising tide of chronic disease, provided governments start to lay a strong foundation for future health-management services.