“The Four Drivers of China’s Growth”
In the March 16, 2010 issue of Forbes.com, Booz & Company Senior Partner and Chairman for Greater China Edward Tse (China) wrote the key to making sense of China’s next decade rests not with any single driver of the nation’s future, but instead, four very different drivers that “are pushing the country forward at once, all powerful, and all interacting with each other in unanticipated ways.” In his new book, The China Strategy: Harnessing the Power of the World’s Fastest-Growing Economy, from Basic Books, Tse took those four levers of change in China—Open China, Competitive China, Official China, and One World—in describing how they will transform the way in which which businesses operate everywhere. “Any company active in China will find its business increasingly meshed with its business in other parts of the world,” Tse wrote. “Although trade disputes, terrorism and political tensions continue, the global geopolitical community will not go back to its Cold War-era rivalries, or to the fragmented nationalism that preceded them. No major player on the world business stage can ignore China.”