“Making Flex Time A Win-Win”
In the December 12, 2009 issue of The New York Times, the Booz & Company “partial-pay” sabbatical program was cited in an article exploring how flexible work arrangements can be a critical strategy for companies looking to keep high-performing employees motivated in challenging times. The program in which Booz & Company professional staff can take a one-month to a yearlong sabbatical at 20 percent of base pay plus medical benefits and return to a guaranteed job is “positioned as a way to cut costs in this downturn while holding on to crucial talent,” according to the article. The author, Sylvia Ann Hewlett, heads Sylvia Ann Hewlett Associates LLC, the consulting arm of the Center for Work-Life Policy, which is allied with Booz & Company in providing tailored and sustainable solutions to global companies rethinking their talent-management strategies. “The gender gap these days is about equal opportunity to stick with one’s career and not be forced into a dreaded choice between work and family,” Hewlett wrote. “A rich menu of flexible work arrangements is central to women’s progress.”