“Next Generation Trends”
In the November 17, 2009 edition of ArabianBusiness.com, Booz & Company Senior Associate Hadi Raad (Middle East) said new generation broadband access will provide both households and business with a range of enhanced services increasingly distinguished by near symmetrical upload and download requirements. Those key applications and solutions range from basic digital telephony to streaming videos, HD IPTV, more advanced high resolution video conferencing and high-definition TV—and all the way to advanced applications such as telepresence and 3D television, Raad said. “The effect of NGN broadband applications on the wider economy is definite,” he added. “ICT contributes to every sector of the economy through productivity gains. Investments in broadband networks and applications will have spill-over effects across the economy. This is even more vivid in developing economies (which) haven’t yet reached the critical mass in broadband penetration.”