“Laptops and Toy Hamsters Fly Off Shelves in U.S. Holiday Sales”
In a November 28, 2009 article in The Financial Times, Booz & Company Partner Paul Leinwand (North America) said that U.S. shoppers reflected a prevailing tone of practicality in the post-Thanksgiving sales, the traditional start to the country’s holiday shopping period. “Consumers have really been deferring a lot of their own purchases,” said Leinwand. “Understandably, shoppers have been thinking, ‘If it’s not broken, do I really need to replace it?’” The National Retail Federation said retailers in all sectors had reported “strong crowds” during the morning, while analysts said numbers seemed to be similar or slightly above levels seen last year, reflecting some improvement from 2008’s dismal end-of-the-year sales.