“Wir glauben an Investitionen im Abschwung—um bereit zu sein für den Aufschwung (We believe in Investing in a Downturn—to Be Ready for the Upturn)”
In the October 4, 2009 issue of Welt AM Sonntag, Booz & Company CEO Shumeet Banerji (Europe) said that the global economic recovery appears to be underway, but could be slower than some had predicted. “It is too early to open the champagne bottles,” said Banerji in an exclusive interview. There are several reasons why that is so, he said, ranging from the high indebtedness of some countries to the need to pay off debt in U.S. and UK business and households. “There is a recovery, but will be slower than expected, and a fresh setback is not excluded,” Banerji said. In the meantime, the need to attract top talent remains the consulting industry’s greatest challenge. “What matters most in our industry is talent,” said Banerji, citing Booz & Company’s decision to expand its partner corps this year by approximately 20 percent, despite the recession. “We believe in investing in a downturn—to be ready for the upturn.”