“H1N1 Vaccinations Pose U.S. Public Health Challenge”
In an October 16, 2009 report from Reuters News, Booz & Company Partner Bob Hutchens (North America) predicted success for the U.S. government’s $6.4 billion swine flu vaccination program, despite strains that the program is likely to cause for the American public health sector. “There will be some long lines, there may need to be some late hours and people may not be able to get it the day they want it,” said Hutchens, an architect of the Booz & Company team that redesigned the supply chain for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Vaccine for Children program. “But if we approach this soundly and rationally, I suspect we’ll be just fine.” His comments were in response to the first mass U.S. immunization program in a generation in which the U.S. government aimed to deliver tens of millions of doses of the swine flu vaccine—setting off a debate among health experts about how well the country’s network of state and local health departments might perform. The U.S. government has ordered vaccine from five companies—sanofi-Aventis SA; CSL Ltd.; Novartis AG; GlaxoSmithKline; and the AstraZeneca unit, MedImmune.