The Constant Traveller On a Mission to Inspire
In the August 24, 2009 issue of The Financial Times, Booz & Company CEO Shumeet Banerji is profiled in an in-depth look at his task “to help the firm establish its sense of purpose and build an international communal spirit” across 59 offices in 33 countries. “It has not been an easy time for consulting firms,” the newspaper wrote. “Many of their clients are now pinched for cash and unwilling to shell out for expensive consulting projects. When they do hire outside advice, they want it to be practical and focused,” something that Banerji said plays to Booz & Company’s strengths. Banerji added that Booz & Company has an uncanny ability to connect with the issues that companies care deeply about, which, in turn, builds client loyalty and helps the firm survive the economic downturn. “This is a firm that exists to serve clients, and as long as you stay focused on your clients, even when they’re going through a hard time, things will come back,” he said.