“New Edge to Manpower”
In the August 29, 2009 issue of The Australian, Booz & Company’s Peter Sullivan (Australia) said with technology transforming how HR professionals perform their jobs, it’s time for a more disciplined approach with respect to IT. “Business is pretty hi-tech and data-driven, particularly management consulting,” said Sullivan, the firm’s human capital director for Asia, Australia and New Zealand. “If HR doesn’t get some hard facts behind its views to back up its assumptions, then I think HR will be less credible than other areas of an organization.” One way to do so, Sullivan added, is with due diligence. “Cash is precious in an economy like this; any investment, be it in infrastructure or a manufacturing plant or a company’s own people, must be backed up with pretty rigorous analysis and some sort of return on investment,” he said. “You can’t do that without a system that collects data along the way so you can project what the impact of an investment will be. People programs can be expensive and it’s important to have some assurance that the investment will pay off.”