“Buying A Car Is More Than Just Economics”
In the September 12, 2009 issue of The Hindu Business Line, Booz & Company Partner Jan Miecznikowski (North America) said with the automobile market becoming more fragmented, targeted and focused, India could benefit by continuing to bet on the production of small cars as well electric and hybrid vehicles. “Like SUVs, minivans and crossovers in their time, small cars are an emerging segment,” Miecznikowski said. “It is eating into the market which some of the other segments enjoyed. People who go in for small cars would be those buying a car for the first time or those using a pre-owned sedan and want to buy a new car.” Driving some customers is a green mentality—“a fairly strong dynamic that is happening in the market,” Miecznikowski said. “With incentives, sentiments to go ‘green’ and emission norms getting more stringent, I am very bullish,” he added, “that various forms of electric and hybrid-engine vehicles will become the vehicles of tomorrow.”