“Telecom Key Driver Of Growth”
In an article that appeared July 8, 2009 in Gulf Weekly, Booz & Company Principal Bahjat El Darwiche (Middle East) said that the current economic uncertainty presents an opportunity to broaden the boundaries of telecoms’ domain and bolster other parts of the economy. The telecom sector’s ability to act as a catalyst for economic recovery is dependent on three factors, added Booz & Company Partner Karim Sabbagh (Middle East): the ability of regulators and policymakers to effectively fulfill their various functions, the level of integration between governance of the telecoms sector and governance of media and technology, and the level of maturity of regulatory practices. As such, telecoms policy-making and sector development should be clearly distinguished from regulatory activities, and long-term strategic planning should be rapidly institutionalized to promote the sector as an economic enabler. “The capabilities for effectively driving high-impact sector development initiatives also need to be swiftly built to support government investment and public-private partnership initiatives,” added Sabbagh.