“Continuing Reform Is Key For Mideast To Weather Economic Crises”
In a May 17, 2009 article carried by Emirates News Agency, Booz & Company Chairman Joe Saddi sided with other top Middle East business leaders who spoke at the World Economic Forum on the Middle East that pushing ahead with reforms is the key to weathering the global economic crisis. “The big worry I have is that we get distracted from long-term reforms like diversification, liberalization and while building our regulatory and supervision capabilities,” said Saddi, a WEF panelist at the three-day meeting of leaders at the Dead Sea, Jordan. “It’s about modernizing government services, labur laws and having the right social safety nets; and then the toughest is to maintain the course on educational reforms.” Those comments were echoed in the May 16, 2009 GulfNews article, “Optimism Grips Wary Middle East,” in which Saddi described the mood at the conference as somewhat improved from late January at the global World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, though “I don’t think anybody (at this point) has a case to be super-optimistic.”