“Die Alte Werbewelt Kommt Nicht Wieder (The Old Advertising World Will Never Be the Same)”
In a wide-ranging interview in the March issue of Horizont, Booz & Company Partner Gregor Vogelsang (Europe) said “the strategies of communications must change” for the global advertising industry to survive and thrive. Making the case for change, Vogelsang added, was a marketing manager who told him recently, “We make no more campaigns, but we will build a permanent relationship with our customers.” Looking ahead a decade, Vogelsang predicted “a much smaller, consolidated landscape view” with the most significant changes occurring in the print business. Also, he predicted that the mobile web would become an independent version of the Internet and establish itself as a mass medium; and that cinema, radio and outdoor advertising would continue to transform their businesses to a digital format. As for classical, image-oriented advertising, added Vogelsang, “(that) industry must fundamentally redefine itself if they do not want to sink into insignificance.”