“India And China Are Still Happening”
In an article in the March 9, 2009 issue of Livement (India), Booz & Company Principal Nikhil Bahadur (India) said at a time when economies around the world are battling a deep downturn, Booz & Company is bullish about business in India. “India and China are still happening, so the focus has shifted to emerging markets,” said Bahadur, who leads the company’s consumer, media and retail practice in India. Bahadur said there is no better time for companies in India to create a brand, and added that applies in particular to retail, consumer products, and media sectors. “As the market matures, we will see competition increasing,” Bahadur added. “Five-to-ten years ago, the Indian market was under-penetrated, but now it’s all about winning market share. In media, for instance, it was all about TV ads and distribution until now, but we will (now) see big promotional activity for on-the-spot purchases. It will be about which brand is giving a good deal ‘today.’”