“A Roadmap for Saving Detroit”
In a bylined article in the February 16, 2009 issue of The Daily Beast, Booz & Company Partner Scott Corwin (North America) argued that the economic vitality of the “Big 3” U.S. domestic auto makers is contingent on investing in advanced technology and innovation to create the vehicle of the future. “To make this transition will require significant investment in technology, infrastructure, retailing, and manufacturing—all that can accrue to benefit the U.S. economy and create a powerful new economic engine that results in growth, high paying and productive jobs, and the formation of vital new enterprises,” Corwin wrote. The technology to create electric- or hydrogen-powered vehicles—that are more efficient and operate with much lower or no emissions—is within reach, he added, and requires breaking through old paradigms and narrow-minded regional and local self interest. “It is in the thicket of these very difficult choices and tradeoffs that (the U.S.), with leadership from the Obama administration and the auto panel, need to chart the future and redefine what advanced, environmentally friendly, economical, personal mobility means in the 21st Century,” Corwin wrote.