“Alto Escalão Admite Erros nos Planos Contra Crise (Top Management Admits Mistakes in Crisis Plans)”
In a full-page report in the January 21 issue of Valor Econômico (Brazil) about Booz & Company’s hard-hitting study, “Recession Response: Why Companies Are Making the Wrong Moves,” Senior Partner Ivan de Souza (South America) summarized the firm’s finding that senior managers of companies across the globe are struggling to make the right moves in the current economic environment. Of the 828 senior managers surveyed in December, 40 percent doubt that their company leadership has a credible plan to address the current economic crisis. An even greater number—46 percent—are uncertain their leadership could carry out the plan. Additionally, one-third of all CEO and CXO-level respondents do not have confidence in the plans that they presumably wrote themselves. The Booz & Company report attracted massive press attention with more than 110 articles and television and radio reports in at least 13 nations, and the attention of many attendees at the annual meeting of the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.