“Dutch Character Emerges At Times Of Crisis”
Although producer confidence in the Netherlands plunged to an all-time low in December due to the credit crunch, a majority of Dutch consumers are not planning to cut back on their spending, a Booz & Company/MarketResponse Nederland BV survey on the Dutch economic climate has revealed. According to the findings, which were widely published in publications such as Het Financiele Dagblad, Radio Netherlands and DutchNews.nl, from which the December 22, 2008 headline above was taken, most Dutch consumers feel that the economy will have recovered in six months and less than 40 percent said they will reduce spending in the time between now and then. Even so, the financial crisis has had an impact, with three-quarters of Dutch consumers expecting a reduction in the value of their house and 77 percent predicting the same with their investments and savings. However, seven in 10 Dutch consumers think their income will remain the same or even rise, and two-thirds believe they do not have to tighten their belts in the coming period. Findings of the study also appeared in an article published by Xinhua News Agency.