“The Role of CFOs in Deal Making”
In this bylined article from the October 2008 issue of Financial Executive, Booz & Company Partners Irmgard Heinz (Germany), Jens Niebuhr (Germany), and Justin Pettit (USA) discuss the many hats CFOs wear in a company’s merger and acquisition transactions. As the article explains, there’s a reason why the role of “deal maker” is top of mind for most CFOs: “…mergers and acquisitions are often the most significant capital investment a company makes in the course of a year. Acquisitions represent a huge opportunity—and also a huge risk. A bad deal can permanently damage the reputation of an executive team and its CFO.” The article goes on to describe the three essential merger roles for CFOs—merger strategist, synergy manager, and business integrator—and six rules CFOs need to follow to ensure a successful and profitable transaction.