“Yielding New Benefits from Public-Private Partnerships”
An article in the October 6, 2008 issue of AME Info (UAE) examined a new report from Booz & Company that demonstrates how government organizations in the Middle East and North Africa are tapping the private sector for capital, technology, and expertise to drive economic growth. Creation of these infrastructure public-private partnerships or PPPs is a way for governments to turn to the private sector for capital, technology and expertise to finance, develop and manage public-sector infrastructure projects. “With the right circumstances, PPPs can be winning partnerships; governments meet obligations without debt, the public receives better or more services, and the private sector is presented with a wider market,” said Partner Richard Shediac (Middle East). To date, telecom projects have received the most investment—but as Partner Rabih Abouchakra (Middle East) explained, the energy sector has the greatest number of projects, which, “when broken down into generation, transmission, and distribution sub-sectors, creates numerous ventures for private investors.”