“Not Just Effective But Efficient Successful Marketing In An Era Of Fragmented Media”
In the August 24 issue of Al-Bawaba (UAE), Booz & Company Partners Gabriel Chahine and Karim Sabbagh (Middle East) were quoted in an article that explores original research into the challenges faced by Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs). While the types of media for potential marketing spend are growing, overall budgets are not—explaining why the average tenure of the CMO has shortened to 23 months and made the job “bigger, more complicated and less forgiving,” said Chahine. One of the ways that CMOs can begin to meet these enormous challenges is by maximizing the efficiency of marketing, through practices like volume purchasing, the adoption of best practices and improved back-end operating models. “Efficiency is low on the CMO’s agenda because much of the budget is out of his control—it is handled at the business unit level,” said Sabbagh.