Strategy That Works: A practical roadmap to success
"Strategy That Works" co-author, Paul Leinwand, brings to life some key concepts from the book, explaining how companies like Haier, CEMEX, and Adidas have succeeded over time. watch video >
Strategy That Works
Our new book, published by Harvard Business Review Press, reveals five practices for closing the strategy-to-execution gap used by today’s winning companies. find out more >
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Strategy&, the strategy consulting team at PwC, has subject matter experts who are knowledgeable about many industries and functional areas, and they are happy to share their insights with members of the press.

Because we promise our clients that their organization’s data will be kept confidential, Strategy& does not talk publicly about specific client assignments without the client’s permission. We are most willing to share the expertise of our people and our intellectual capital.

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Global wireless industry faces increased commoditization, according to PwC’s Strategy&
22 February, 2017 – Competitive pressure in the global wireless telecommunications industry is increasing, with disruptive competitors emerging from adjacent markets and increasing “price wars” among operators. For telecom operators, this means stagnating profitability along with serious questions about new paths for growth, according to a recent report published by Strategy&, PwC’s strategy consulting business. read more >
PwC’s Strategy& introduces new book “Fit for Growth: A guide to strategic cost cutting, restructuring, and renewal”
The New Year holds one thing for certain: uncertainty. As business leaders find themselves plagued by sluggish growth, increasing geopolitical tension, heightened regulatory scrutiny, and the rapid pace of digital change, 2017 is gearing up to be “the year of the question mark.” How can businesses achieve and sustain growth despite today’s difficult business environment? They must tightly link their growth and cost agendas, freeing up resources to invest into what truly sets them apart. read more >
Airlines need to change how they market and sell to customers
Airlines should transform their business models and how they sell to customers, according to a recent study by Strategy&, PwC’s strategy consulting business. The study finds three global trends are reshaping the travel sector and threaten to weaken the connection between airlines and their customers. read more >

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Five Acts That Help Leaders Bring Their Strategies To Life
This article about Strategy&'s new book Strategy That Works features insights from co-author Paul Leinwand and Ashley Unwin, UK & EMEA Consulting Leader at full article on >
5 Steps To Closing The Gap Between Strategy And Execution
A review of our new book Strategy That Works says: "Much has been reviewed and written about how to execute ideas, but few tomes have actually turned the research into a story of how human failings and foibles come into play and how they can often be part of a successful effort. Until now."read full article on >
To improve hiring, understand your culture
The Economist
"A new book, Strategy That Works, by Paul Leinwand and Cesare Mainardi, offers a perspective on how companies can create value in the long term, underscoring the importance of culture."read full article on >

Latest studies

2015 CEO Success study
This is the 16th year that Strategy& has examined CEO changes among the world’s top 2,500 public companies. This year, we focus on outsider CEOs and the circumstances in which outsiders are being hired.
2016 Industry Trends
See what opportunities and challenges lie ahead for your company in 2016 and beyond.
The 2015 Global Innovation 1000 Study
For the 11th year, Strategy& examined the R&D footprint of some of the world's top companies. We look at how much they are spending on R&D, where, and how that spend has shifted since our last study on this topic in 2008.