Fit for Growth toolkit

At Strategy&, we work with companies to help them identify and build the differentiating capabilities they need to outperform. The tools below will give you an initial idea of how fit your company is and will help you gain clarity about how to start the Fit for Growth journey.

Coherence profiler

Do you have a winning strategy?

Is your company strategically adrift? Or capability constrained? Or are you on the way to becoming a supercompetitor? Find out in a few minutes how well your company is positioned for success. This short survey will help you identify potential areas for improvement based on your unique starting position.

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Org DNA Profiler

Org DNA Profiler®

Ever wonder why some organizations consistently deliver while others disappoint? Faced with the same market, stocked with similar talent, one organization flourishes, while the other flounders. Organizational DNA — a concept and approach developed by Strategy& — explains why. Explore this site to learn more.

Find out in minutes if your organization has the right stuff. Take the short test below and diagnose your organization’s DNA. Is it passive-aggressive, fits-and-starts, outgrown, overmanaged, just-in-time, military precision, or resilient? Also, learn how coherent your organization is with its strategy through our Coherence Index. Once you know, you can keep what’s good, fix what’s wrong, and unlock great performance.

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Supply chain capabilities profiler

Supply chain capabilities profiler

When an organization’s supply chain capabilities are directly aligned with its way to play, the company enjoys a coherence premium — that is, superior performance and an extremely strong market position.

Unfortunately, more often, companies’ strategic thrusts are divorced from their operational capabilities; as a result, supply chain organizations (and their executives) must contend with conflicting demands that cannot be reconciled.

Strategy&’s supply chain profiler lets you test the coherence of your supply chain capabilities against your defined way to play.

This tool will provide an initial assessment, identifying supply chain strengths and making recommendations for improvement to generate a coherence premium.

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Strategic sourcing profiler

Strategic sourcing profiler

Today’s sourcing/supply management leaders face the daunting task of creating the capabilities required to deliver incremental value in an increasingly challenging environment.

To assist the senior procurement leader, Strategy& has developed this strategic sourcing profiler, which distills our knowledge from decades of client work on hundreds of assignments.

The tool enables you to pragmatically work through a standard set of diagnostic questions to assess the state of your current organization and highlight the key challenges that must be addressed to win in your environment.

After completing the questionnaire, we offer a view on the current state of your procurement organization and compare your profile to what we have observed for your industry. We will also offer material which is intended to explain the nature of your challenge and provide a view on how to structure an agenda for success.

This tool is based on a calibration of your organization’s procurement activities, engagement with the businesses, talent management, and risk planning, and should take approximately 10 – 15 minutes to complete.

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Innovation strategy profiler

How do the top innovators keep winning?

Every year our annual Global Innovation 1000 study investigates the relationship between how much companies spend on R&D and their overall financial performance. And every year, we reinforce the conclusion that there is no correlation between the two. What matters instead are the capabilities that successful companies put together to enable their innovation efforts.

We have found that nearly every company follows one of three strategies, need seeker, market reader, or technology driver. And for each of these strategies, there is a distinct set of capabilities that top performers identify as most critical.

And for those companies that focus on the “right” capabilities, execute them well and align their innovation strategy with overall corporate strategy, we have observed what we call a “coherence premium”. We have found that companies ranked in the top third in terms of coherence had 22 percent higher profit margins, on average, and achieved 18 percent greater market capitalization growth.

What is your strategy? What capabilities do you need to succeed?

Use this brief strategy assessment tool to profile your strategy and understand the capabilities you need to succeed.

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