Digital Detective

Get to know our digital thought leaders

Strategy&’s digital detective is on a mission to resolve digitization’s hottest topics in our experience center. Get to know our digital thought leaders and learn how they tackle today’s major strategic challenges for their clients.

  • How has strategy consulting
    evolved in the digital age?
  • Where have you been when
    mobile payment killed cash?
  • Who kidnapped
    your customer?

How strategy consulting has evolved in the digital age and what PowerPoint and Excel have to do with creativity.

The Strategy& Digital Detective uncovers this and many other secrets from our digital thought leader Olaf Acker.

Keeping better track of our payments, ensuring safe data and designing mobile payment solutions that will make all of our lives much easier.

The Strategy& Digital Detective and Andreas Pratz reveal all there is to know about one of today’s most exciting topics.

Join Benedikt Schmaus and the Strategy& Digital Detective in the magic store.

Let them show you what future retail could look like and discover what retailers should do to get back their kidnapped customers.