Financial services going agile

Banks and other financial institutions are currently operating in a challenging environment influenced by COVID-19, digitization, low interest rates, increasing regulatory requirements and an overall rising cost pressure. In addition, customers expect products and services to become more flexible and better tailored to their specific needs. Fintechs not bound to legacy systems and technology companies working on the edge of innovation are often better positioned to address these needs, leading to already fierce market competition.

Facing this rapid disruption, many financial services players are considering Agile as a tool to drive change, transform their organization and bring new ideas to market fast.

We have extensive experience in supporting financial services players to transform their business into an adaptive, agile organization. There are different ways to implement agile, but there are three success factors that are key to any agile transformation:

  1. Define your vision and goals first
  2. Set a clear target state
  3. Create a tailored operating model

We have published an article series and accompanying videos that provide you with an in-depth view on how financial services is going agile.

Tailored operating model

There is no “one size fits all” approach when setting up an agile operating model. It is important to distinguish between three different areas.

Clear target state

In this video, we are taking a closer look at the second success factor: how financial services players can define a clear target state in order to go agile.

Vision and goals first

How agile can help Financial Services players adapt to disruption and drive the transformation of their business.

Financial services are going agile

This trend is growing significantly in importance. How do you successfully implement agile in your organization?

Jonas Grefe and Vasco Thomsen also contributed to this article series.

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