Digital & CIO Summit

Scale up and capture the value


"Scale up and capture the value of digital" – this is the theme of our Digital & CIO Summit on March 3rd in Grindelwald, Switzerland.

A panel of high-profile hosts and moderators will give an overview of the most recent trends in information technology and discuss how digitization will affect our future.

Join us for a range of inspiring speeches and thoughtful discussions in the relaxed atmosphere of the snowy Swiss mountains.

Digital and CIO Summit in Grindelwald


Friday, March 3rd

8.30-8.45 — Welcome and scale up of digital business

8.45-9.15 — Geo-technological future: How politics shapes the digital future

9.15-10.45 — Digital business models

10.45-11.00 — Coffee break

11.00-12.30 — Digital @ process industries

12.30-13.15 — Group picture and lunch

13.15-13.45 — Future of work

13.45-15.00 — AI/Data driven digital business models

15.00-15.15 — Coffee break

15.15-16.30 — Cybersecurity and IoT: Key enablers of digital transformation

16.30-17.00 — How to prepare for borderline challenges

17.00 — Departure to networking event




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