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Building a customer focus

The ways companies interact and engage with their customers today is vastly different from how they did so in years past. Now, success depends on a relentless, single-minded focus on customer needs. This customer focus must be informed by data and powered by technology. And it must adapt to meet consumers' ever-changing desires.

In this issue of Customer Strategy Foresight, we feature three articles that can help businesses become customer-centric. First, we explain the 10 principles a company needs to address when developing a fit for purpose customer strategy. While many companies claim that customer strategy is a priority, few understand that it's no longer about simply choosing a segment of purchasers to sell to. Instead, it means gathering insights about buyers and developing solutions to address unmet needs.

Focusing on customers requires meeting them where they are. But the overabundance of marketing channels and platforms makes this a more difficult task than it might seem. "The Marketer's Dilemma" explains how communicators can choose the right path.

Finally, the temptation might be strong to delight customers by creating disruptive applications and services, as strategy+business explains in "What Consumers Most Want from Health Insurers' Technology." Yet research indicates that what consumers really want is far simpler: straightforward solutions to their problems. Persistent focus on customers can help brands determine which problems are worth solving.

Modern marketers must cultivate new skills to thrive in this new reality. Once they do, they will have the power to reach customers like never before.

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