Customer strategy

A new set of driving forces in marketing and sales is reshaping the way companies engage their customers. Today's customers are vastly more aware of their freedom of choice and access to competitive offering, adding to the challenge of capturing and retaining their business.

Marketers and sales forces also have more choices available to them to reach their consumers and deliver on the new standards of relevance and interactivity. And given the increasing focus on accountability for all components of the business, marketing and sales teams also feel the mounting pressure to deliver bottom-line results.

These challenges require that marketers and sales forces rethink not only how they connect with their customers but also how their organizations are structured, how flexibly and dynamically they make decisions about advertising, marketing spending, and sales campaigns and the metrics they use to measure their performance.

In order to meet the objectives of customer connection and bottom-line results, companies need to consider the breadth of their marketing and sales initiatives, including branding initiatives, marketing strategies, customer management strategies, service, and after-sales programs. All companies, whether product-focused, engineering-driven or service providers, must recognize — and embrace — the value of a comprehensive customer management strategy. Supported by appropriate technologies, it is key to growth and success.

PwC’s strategy consulting team Strategy&'s marketing and sales advisory service develops and implements client-specific integrated programs to help our clients transform their capabilities and organizations to deliver results in today's increasingly "consumer-centric" era of marketing and sales.