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Media releases 2014

Big companies say their innovation spending will change significantly over next decade, according to findings of Strategy&’s 2014 Global Innovation 1000 study
New York, November 13, 2014 – Large multi-national companies report that they expect the focus of their innovation efforts and investments to change significantly over the next decade – moving toward a far greater emphasis on riskier initiatives and breakthrough innovations, according to the newly released, tenth annual 2014 Global Innovation 1000 Study from Strategy&, part of the PwC network. The study includes a survey of over 500 innovation leaders at nearly 500 companies. read more >

The world’s top technology companies compete to win “The battle for the cloud”: Strategy& releases third annual Global ICT 50 study
New York, November 11, 2014 – Competition is intensifying among the world’s top technology companies as the move to cloud computing transforms the way businesses think about their IT needs. Global management consulting firm Strategy&, a member of the PwC network of firms, today released its third annual ranking of the world’s top 50 information and communications technology (ICT) companies—a study of the 50 largest publicly held companies that supply digitization-related products, services, and infrastructure to enterprises, governments, and other organizations around the world. IBM took the top spot in the rankings, as it did last year, followed by Microsoft, SAP, Oracle, and Cisco Systems. read more >

Total R&D spending growth at large companies fell last year to the second lowest rate in a decade, according to new Strategy& study
New York, October 28, 2014 – While total R&D spending at large companies rose to its highest level ever in 2014, the rate of growth was the second lowest in a decade, according to a new study from Strategy&, part of the PwC network. read more >

Wearable technology future is ripe for growth: Most notably among millennials, says PwC U.S.
New York, October 21, 2014 – Twenty percent of American adults already own a wearable device and the adoption rate – on par with tablets in 2012 – is quickly expected to rise, according to PwC’s Consumer Intelligence Series – The Wearable Future report – an extensive U.S. research project that surveyed 1,000 consumers, wearable technology influencers and business executives, as well as monitored social media chatter, to explore the technology’s impact on society and business. read more >

When it comes to Big Data stop admiring the problem and start harnessing the opportunities
London, October 14, 2014 – A global study conducted by management consultancy Strategy&, part of the PwC network of firms, in collaboration with INSEAD eLab, supports that companies with leading *Demand Analytics (DA) capabilities are demonstrating higher commercial performance levels than competitors. read more >

New research from Strategy& highlights splintering priorities and growing expectations among U.S. healthcare consumers
New York, October 14, 2014 – Strategy&, a member of the PwC network of firms, announced today the results of a survey polling more than 2,000 U.S. residents about their preferences for managing their health, purchasing healthcare coverage, and accessing care. This new research paints a clear picture of a population displeased with its overall healthcare experience, with growing expectations for transparency, value, and customer service from the organizations that finance and deliver care. read more >

Holiday shopping spend forecasted to be down in 2014 as shoppers remain cautious, according to PwC U.S. and Strategy&
New York, October 7, 2014 – The 2014 holiday shopping season will be characterized by cautious spending, while economic realities bifurcate the American holiday shopper. These are two of the 10 big trends that are expected to drive the 2014 holiday shopping season, according to a new report from PwC US and Strategy&, titled 2014 Holiday Outlook: Top trends, consumer behaviors and implications for retailers, based on a survey of more than 2,200 shoppers nationwide. read more >

As conventional health plan business model becomes unsustainable, insurance companies face life or death
New York, September 8, 2014 – The mandates of reform, increased consumerism in healthcare, slowed inflation of medical costs, growing self-insurance and reduced coverage approaches have converged to constrain insurance plans’ top line growth. read more >

Most big banks and securities firms’ responses to market pressures to date are only short-term fixes that do not address underlying weaknesses
New York, September 3, 2014 – Big banks and securities firms are cutting costs in response to current market pressures — including globalization, technological change, depressed interest rates and an evolving regulatory landscape — but the typical cuts are only short-term fixes that do not address underlying fundamental weaknesses, according to research by Strategy&, a member of the PwC network of firms. read more >

Raising prices won’t be enough for retailers to weather potential minimum wage hike; they must also re-consider how they control costs, says Strategy&
New York, September 2, 2014 – Almost all retailers would be affected by a minimum wage increase, but it would hurt some more than others. While a higher minimum wage could raise some retailers’ total costs by 20-30%, others – mainly those with distinct business and labor models, such as Costco, Trader Joe’s, or Whole Foods – would be less affected, according to Fit for Growth* retail industry research by Strategy&, a member of the PwC network of firms. read more >

PwC named a leader in Worldwide Strategy Consulting Services in IDC MarketScape report
New York, August 12, 2014 – PwC was named a leader in the IDC MarketScape: Worldwide Strategy Consulting Services 2014 Vendor Assessment report. According to the report, “clients indicate they consider PwC to be better than many of its peers at maximizing the value of a project and integrating its project team with the client’s.” read more >

Do executives spend their time on the right things? They themselves say they do not
New York, July 8, 2014 – There’s no question that executives and leaders are busier than ever. But are they spending their valuable time on what matters most, the things that advance their companies’ performance and competitive standing? read more >

Most executives agree that their companies spend too much money on low-priority initiatives and cut costs indiscriminately, says new Strategy& survey
New York, June 17, 2014 – Executives worldwide say low-priority initiatives get too much funding, cost-cutting isn’t strategic and budgeting isn’t tightly aligned with strategic planning at their companies. read more >

Is the C-Suite an echo chamber for strategy?
New York, June 3, 2014 – Record-setting stock market performance could be masking a significant problem: Companies are actually strategically and financially out of shape, rendering many unfit for steeper competition and leaner market conditions. read more >

Quarter century until about one-third of incoming CEOs at world's largest companies are women, predicts new Strategy& study
New York, 29th April 2014 – The numbers are moving in the right direction: In eight out of the last 10 years, the share of women becoming CEOs of the world’s biggest public companies has been higher than the share of women leaving that office. And, over the past five years, the total share of women becoming CEOs was considerably higher than in the prior five-year period (3.6% versus 2.1%). read more >

Addressing new digital divide key for balanced growth
New York, 23rd April 2014 – Little progress is being made in bridging the digital divide between technology savvy nations and others, according to the 13th edition of the Global Information Technology Report 2014. The stalling of progress is worrisome for emerging and developing nations, which are at risk of missing out on many positive impacts information and communications technologies (ICT) bring, including increased innovation, economic competitiveness and greater social inclusion. read more >

Senior executives express deep concerns about their companies’ strategies and their ability to execute them, according to new Strategy& survey
New York, 23rd April 2014 – Executives disclose their companies have significant shortcomings when it comes to developing and executing strategy, according to a Strategy& (formerly Booz & Company, now part of the PwC network) survey of 501 executives at companies around the world with revenues of $500 million to more than $10 billion. Indeed, a majority of executives – 55% – said they are concerned that their companies “are not focused on executing our strategy.” read more >

PwC completes its acquisition of Booz & Company
New York, 3rd April 2014 – PwC is pleased to announce today the successful completion of its combination with Booz & Company. With the granting of all regulatory approvals for Booz & Company to join PwC, it is now officially part of the PwC Network. All closing conditions for the deal have been met. read more >

Which Emerging Market Companies Have the Chops to Sustain Strong Growth and Profits through the Emerging Cooldown?
New York/Shanghai, February 4, 2014 — The cool-down and expected uneven growth in emerging markets, particularly China and India, beg a question: Which emerging market “giants” that soared during high-growth periods will continue to do so as these markets slow down? read more >

Challenges Lie Ahead for Wealth Managers
London, UK, January 15, 2014—Assets under management have seen a significant upswing around the world but these gains have not translated into the top-and-bottom-line growth that wealth managers would expect based on past recoveries. Booz & Company is today releasing the results of an extensive global survey – conducted from interviews with over 150 wealth management executives, senior financial advisors, and regulators from more than 15 international markets – the results of which reveal that a number of issues are affecting the speed of recovery. read more >

Booz & Company Launches New Global Hub for Digital Services
Los Angeles, CA & New York, NY, January 6, 2014—After one year in business, Booz & Company’s high-impact Booz Digital unit has achieved such significant results that it is now becoming the firm’s global hub for all digital services. The firm announced today it will migrate all of its digital leadership, offerings, and talent to Booz Digital, forming a single brand for all things digital it does for clients and takes to market. read more >