Experienced professionals

Our consultants join us from different industry sectors with all sorts of educational backgrounds: business studies, physics, electrical engineering, psychology, linguistics, history, law and more. However they do share one trait: they come with an exceptional professional and academic record.

You’ll need other vital attributes too. Strong analytical skills, for instance, along with business-level fluency in the language of the region you want to work in. 

Above all, you’ll have what it takes to come up with bold, inventive solutions to tough problems. Ready to challenge your own assumptions, not just your clients’, you’ll use your curiosity and entrepreneurial drive to the fullest. Strategies that last demand foresight too. By anticipating changes in global markets and contributing this insight to our intellectual capital, you’ll prepare companies for a world that looks very different to today’s.


For recruitment inquiries in Greater China, please contact: greater.china.recruiting@strategyand.cn.pwc.com.