For several decades, the semiconductor industry has been the backbone of technological progress. However this growth trajectory has its natural limits. This fact, combined with changing demands for semiconductors, is creating the need for major transformation in the industry. But what will this look like?

The semiconductor industry: A capabilities perspective


In diesem Podcast spricht Dr. Joachim Rotering, Globaler Leader von Strategy&, über Fähigkeiten-getriebene Fusionen und Übernahmen in der Chemieindustrie.

Fähigkeiten getriebene Fusionen und Übernahmen in der Chemieindustrie

Adopting the right digital strategy now can dramatically improve margins – by as much as 16% on a tonne of steel.

The metals industry is facing economic, political and technological disruption, and the combined weight of these forces is the catalyst for a digital revolution among steel and aluminium makers. However, we think that embracing the use of connected machines and sensors with the ability to communicate in real time with suppliers and customers, and refining processes based on data analytics, can lead to a significant increase in productivity in this highly competitive industry.

Agility in Metals

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