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Stacy Palestrant

Stacy is the Executive Director of CHINA 2024: A New Generation of Leaders. Stacy has been a consultant with Katzenbach Partners LLC for 5 years. Prior to consulting at Katzenbach, she wrote case studies at Harvard Business School on issues such as leadership, teamwork and cross-cultural business challenges. She is based in Beijing. 

Niko Canner

Niko is a founder and Managing Partner of Katzenbach Partners LLC. He advises major corporations around the world in issues related to strategy and organization. He conceived the concept for CHINA 2024 and co-leads the initiative with Stacy.



The 2024 team also includes several Katzenbach consultants who play an important role in conducting both interviews and research. 

Anthony Abraham
Anthony has never been to China but has spent time working and traveling in South East Asia. He is fascinated by the amount of change occurring within China and understanding how these changes impact both China and the rest of the world. In particular he has a deep interest in China's changing economy and the amount of impact MBA's can have in China's transformation. In addition to appreciating the Chinese culture and food, he is in the early stages of learning Mandarin.

Emily Dubner
Emily spent three summers in China studying Mandarin and researching university students' attitudes toward HIV/AIDS education. She enjoyed living in Beijing and traveling around the country and looks forward to going back as soon as she can.

Adam Gerson
Adam is interested in how Chinese business and society will evolve in the years ahead, and how his Chinese peers will help drive change. While attending Wharton, he participated in a month-long study tour of Mainland and Greater China during which he met dozens of current business leaders and MBA peers from Bei Da and Fudan. His first trip to China a few years before involved backpacking in Yunnan and Guangxi provinces. For each trip he tried to pick up a little Mandarin, but one of these days would love to learn the language for real.

Jessica Huang
Jessica spent much of her childhood stubbornly refusing to attend Sunday afternoon Chinese school and now resorts to watching Chinese soap operas to build her vocabulary. She has visited China several times and has become increasingly intrigued by its rapid economic growth and transformation. After witnessing the incredible rate of physical development while in Shenzhen, she is particularly interested in urban planning in China.

Pamela Hu
Pamela is interested in understanding the firsthand experiences of those living through and influencing China's rapidly evolving business and cultural landscape. As a Chinese-American who grew up in California, she first visited China in high school and then later in college, to study Mandarin at Tsinghua University and UIBE in Beijing. She also goes to Hong Kong periodically to visit family. While she is still struggling to master the language, she has contented herself, in the meantime, with mastering the enjoyment of Chinese cuisine.

Liz Toomey
Liz spent her college summers in China studying Mandarin and conducting research on the relationship between the 2008 Olympic games and shifting perceptions of Chinese nationalist identity. She is fascinated by Chinese language and culture, and by the rapid transformations one can see when riding in a taxi through Beijing or on a train speeding through the countryside.

Maria Troein
Maria has traveled to Beijing as a part of an exchange trip with Beijing University and has spent a summer in Shanghai as a consulting intern. She has studied introductory Mandarin, and she loves learning about Chinese history. Maria is fascinated by China's changing society. She is excited to learn more about how this group of MBAs sees their society and their place in it.

Niki Vaswani
Niki has yet to visit China, but is very interested in learning about the cultural shifts that are prevalent in China today as it relates to the older vs. younger generational thinking and motivations. She hopes one day to travel extensively throughout China to further research and learn about the vibrant culture of China