The PBS FRONTLINE documentary, "Young and Restless in China" explores what it means to be coming of age in China today. Starting in 2004, the film tracks four ambitious MBA graduates who are 2024 members as well as a media savvy hip hop artist, two migrant workers living precariously on society's edge, a dedicated medical resident and a courageous environmental activist.

What happens along the way is surprising: some of those featured in the film find themselves torn between traditional culture and tantalizing new opportunities; several begin the heady ride to wealth and power. Some find love and resolve family conflicts, and others seem likely to crash and burn along the way.

As we watch these young people work, hang out with family and friends, sing karaoke or launch their first business, we come to know them in a rare, intimate way. In unusual detail, YOUNG & RESTLESS IN CHINA captures the highs and lows of coming of age in this time of China's extreme transition and change.

The documentary is produced by Ambrica Productions ( Ambrica has over 20 years of documentary production experience and has produced four award-winning documentaries on China.

Katzenbach Partners provided early development funding for the documentary.

The documentary will air nationally on PBS in June 2008. Visit the PBS website for the documentary at