Fit for Growth and Tax

Get your business fit by optimizing and aligning your operating and tax models

Get operations and tax aligned

Ideally, your restructuring should make your business stronger and fitter for growth. The trouble is, many companies:

  • Cut costs indiscriminately and harm the parts of their business that generate value rather than reallocating resources to their strengths
  • Create new problems and miss out on opportunities because they leave tax out of the reckoning

It doesn’t have to be that way

The Fit for Growth* and Tax approach from PwC and Strategy& addresses both sides of the equation. By optimizing and aligning your operating and tax models to boost after-tax profit rather than just EBIT, it enables you to reorganize in a way that avoids nasty surprises and adds even greater value to your business.


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What you can expect

Benefits of integrated operating and tax models

Our Fit for Growth and Tax approach offers you a unique combination of operations and tax expertise. So whatever the challenges you face and the goals you want to achieve, we will work together closely from the outset to find the best individual solution for you.

With the stakes and challenges of staying competitive mounting, and the international tax landscape changing at unprecedented speed, you can no longer afford to take a one-sided approach to change. Cut costs in the wrong places and you’ll emerge weaker rather than stronger.

Leave tax out of the calculation and you risk missing out on lucrative, sustainable opportunities. We help you see both sides of the equation and transform subtraction into multiplication.


Dr. Michael Wagner

Partner, Fit for Growth EMEA Leader, Munich, Strategy& Germany


Dirk Wilcke

Partner, Frankfurt, PwC Deutschland


Harald Dutzler

Partner, Vienna, Strategy& Austria


Marianna Dozsa

Partner, Vienna, PwC Österreich


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