2011: The new CEO’s first year

The 2011 Chief Executive Study, “The new CEO's first year,” reveals the challenges for the new class of CEOs who came into office in 2011, analyzes trends in global CEO turnover, and distills important advice from veteran CEOs.

As the worldwide economy began to recover, 14.2 percent of CEOs at the world’s largest companies were replaced; thus, the number of companies appointing new chief executives was on the rise in relation to 2010. Strategy& analysis also showed a slight increase in the proportion of chief executives who came to their position from outside the company. We believe the reason for this change was that boards of directors were looking for new candidates from other companies and other industries, in hopes of introducing fresh thinking into their executive mix.

Key publications

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Here’s a close look at the incoming class, and some advice from veterans on how they can best navigate their crucial first year.read more on strategy+business >
CEOs who took part in Strategy&’s 2011 study of CEO turnover share their thoughts about the difficulties they faced, the successes they achieved, and what, in retrospect, they might have done differently in their first year on the job.read more on strategy+business >

Additional insights

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The 2011 study authors, Ken Favaro, Per-Ola Karlsson, and Gary L. Neilson, discuss the results of Strategy&'s (Formerly Booz & Company) twelfth annual study of trends in global CEO turnover and distill important advice for new CEOs.watch video >

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